Wednesday, May 20, 2015


A bit cooler than yesterday, 58F, but windy with occasional sunshine.

Just finished listening to the BBC Dirty Years On that I started listening to yesterday. There is a lot I hadn't heard before (this was the full play and I guess Dad's LP was highlights), but also a lot I suppose they edited as it was the 70s and it was Radio 4... "That belongs to me and you've no right to touch it!", and just a hint of " The Dogs They Had a Party "in the background (the version I still hear in the back of my mind whenever I lead a procession to " The Church's One Foundation").

And it's surprising how many phrases I use without thinking come from here... "What is truth and what is fable, who is Ruth and who is Mabel", and "Sunday is for tinned peaches and washing the car " for example.

So I'm very glad I heard that WS piece about TE Lawrence and was led to find and listen to this :)
Back to GoT tomorrow ;)

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