Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday off

Lovely day in the woods- brisk (35F) and breezy, but sunny and bright.

Holly continues to improve, we're back to our usual 4 mile-ish loop and she's running around sniffing and exploring with almost no sign of any lameness. I'm not bringing the tennis ball back though (much to her disgust) until I'm 100% sure she's totally healed. We still don't know exactly what has caused this, but it seems it must be soft tissue, some kind of strain or sprain that just wouldn't heal. The vet recommended a new supplement (Dasuquin) which she's been having for about a week now- I don't know if that's the reason for the continued improvement or if she's just healing anyway, but I'm not going to risk stopping it! It's a supplement not a drug so it's not doing her any harm anyway :)

Still trying the new headphones out, so Google Play on full random, probably back to Westeros tomorrow ;)

Janelle Monae
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