Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday day off walk :)

Rainy and cool, 38F, but I don't care coz I have the right gear, and Holly doesn't care coz we're in the woods :)

Trying out another pair of earbuds- Yurbuds, designed for runners- and so far they show promise! They have weird rubber things on the ear buds that you sort of screw into your ear, but they stay put and they let in ambient sound so I can hear Holly's collar tags (and the naughty mountain bikes that sneak up behind you on the trail!), and they don't isolate so I don't hear all my bones creaking ;) They sound pretty good too, but all speakers and headphones need a "burn in" period, so I'll report back again in a few weeks- but so far I'm very impressed.

Slow Train
Flanders and Swann
At the Drop Of Another Hat

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