Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday stroll

Not raining :)  we managed to get out before the thunderstorms they are threatening us with again this afternoon. Warm and sunny, 77F, but still very sticky.

In a disturbing turn of events, there was a sign at the bottom of the drive up to the woods announcing that they are going to start charging $5 for parking on weekends and holidays :( There was a nice man there to explain that weekdays will still be free, and there is a parking lot on the other side of Mamaroneck Ave where we will apparently be able to park for free when they are charging, but apparently this is in answer to all the people who park badly and block the emergency areas when they are using the picnic areas for large, organised picnics. Oh well, we'll just have to park across the street and walk a little further, I think we can manage that ;)

Holstein, The Planets- Jupiter
On the Forever England album of patriotic music I bought in Dover Castle a few years ago :)

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