Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

Damn, the woods are beautiful like this!
There are more tracks than yesterday, but the trails are not packed down at all so the snowshoes are still pretty much a must (and these Tubbs Frontier 25s that Jackie got me for my birthday are awesome!). We did the 3 mile loop today, and it's certainly harder work than when there's no snow, but if you just keep plodding on it's fine- and so worth it!

Warmer today, with fast moving clouds and a stiff breeze: 35.6F.

I'm listening to Romeo & Juliet that popped up at random on my phone. It's the audio from the production featured in the BBC documentary "When Romeo Met Juliet" done by two schools in Coventry. For some reason it goes rather well with today's snowy walk.

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